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Running a LARP takes a lot of resources. Camp rentals, Nerf guns, costumes, insurance, makeup, and all of the other myriad expenses add up quickly. As a charity we want to devote the event fees to our charitable efforts. Donations go a long way toward keeping the behind the scenes aspects of our games running. We have a number of ways you can help us out. 

We offer some rewards for players who donate and help us out. The following is a list of current rewards. The list is subject to change and is not comprehensive but gives an idea of the In-Game rewards we offer for helping make our events happen.   

$10: 10 crafting components at check in of the next event. 

$15: A custom item card for a special piece of gear for your character (Limit 3) 

$20: NPC Shift Buyout (Limited availability per event, see registration page. Not available until registration begins)

$30: Custom mod and story for you and your friends. Our writing staff will coordinate something just for you! (Limit once per year, availability limited per event)

$30: One additional Skill Point (Limit once per year)

In addition we are offering 5 "Season Pass" tickets to help with our fundraising. For $250 we will include your event registration for all four 2020 events and include an NPC Shift Buyout for each event.  (SOLD OUT, Look forward to Season Pass for the 2021 Season)

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