Septemebr 2020 The Forgotten Empire Digital Tabletop Event
We will be holding 6 person modules in the place of our usual June 2020 event due to the SARS-Cov2 Pandemic. This is the ticket for a tabletop slot for a Group of 4 to 6 players.
New and returning players are welcome. This will be a low/no mechanics tabletop module run from our Discord server. Links to the server will be provided by your GM when your scheduling slot is assigned.
We ask that players who have completed the module not discuss what happened until everyone has had an opportunity to participate, as all player groups will be participating in variations of the same module. While there are no (or very little depending on your GM) mechanics to learn for this event, players may request a copy of their character sheet from Logistics for reference if they so choose.
These are special circumstances and far outside what we usually do for this game. We hope to provide 4-5 hours of fun and raise a little bit for our usual charity, Lancaster CAP. $5.00 is the ticket price but we are treating this as a “pay what you want” event where 5 is the minimum. Donations to be directed to charity above the $5.00 are of course welcome but are not required.
We ask that if you are signing up for a date that you keep from 12pm to 8pm open on that day to allow for some flexibility in GM scheduling efforts as well as the event running longer than the anticipated 4 to 5 hours. Please do not pick a date if you cannot be made available during that time frame.
Please be patient with our staff as we get this off the ground. I know it’s not the same as an event, and I know people are excited to participate in something fun. All I ask is for your patience and to roll with it in the spirit of community we have worked hard to preserve here.

The Forgotten Empire Sept Digital Tabletop Event Group Ticket