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The Forgotten Empire

The Forgotten Empire is a science fantasy campaign inspired by our love of properties such as Star Wars and The Old Republic. This fan project takes place on a long forgotten world where the forces of light and darkness must work together to survive. Shipwrecked and cut off from the galaxy at large, our heroes must work together to maintain their colony while exploring the mysteries of their new home for none have ever managed to escape.

Planned themes include theology, exploration, conflict resolution, resource management, and adventure. Activities include in depth role play, puzzles, live action lightest touch combat, and camping activities. 

The campaign is planned to run for four years beginning in spring 2018. This will allow the unfolding of a narrative adventure with a beginning, middle, and eventual ending.


While The Forgotten Empire has concluded, stay tuned for rulebook 2.0.

We expect to publish in Spring 2024.

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