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Three Raccoon Productions

Who we are. What we are about. 

Three Raccoon Productions was founded on the idea that our creative passions can be a source of positive works in our communities. We are a staff of fellow LARPers, gamers, and science fiction fans. It is our goal to use our combined history of LARP projects to bring forward an engaging world with a thrilling narrative. Our proceeds from each event are slotted to local charity groups such as food banks, homeless shelters, or veteran’s groups.


Meet the Staff

William Gibbs (Owner, Director for The Forgotten Empire): Bill started LARPing in 2003 and discovered it as his preferred creative outlet. Bill has written for LARP for the last ten years. Credits include Alliance CT: Caldaria, Alliance Nine Towers, and SHIELD 1952. Bill launched Three Raccoon Productions to turn his passion for LARP and gaming into a way to help the community. When not LARPing Bill is a Board Certified Prosthetist working out of NYC.


Collin Babcock (Assistant Director): Collin started writing for LARP in the Marcellus, NY Chapter of Amtgard in 2007. In 2009 he joined the writing staff of Alliance’s Ashbury Chapter in Montrose, PA. He was head writer for the Ashbury Chapter from 2013 to 2015. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic got him through a rough college freshman year and ever since he has owed that Era a hefty debt of gratitude.


Ericka Skirpan (Community Manager): Ericka Skirpan has been running immersive, theatrical events for over a decade and intense, emotional LARPs for almost as long. She has a BFA in theater from the University of Toronto where she was the artistic director for "In the Moment Productions," a theater company dedicated to audience interactive, classical theater experiences. She believes in bringing captivating, emotional, cathartic transformations to actors and audience alike through live storytelling. She's currently on story staff for Dead Legends, the LARP and previously worked several years for Dystopia Rising. After playing Gertrude in 2017's Inside Hamlet, as well as participating in the groundbreaking Nordic LARP 1942, she is highly looking forward to combining American, mechanics based gaming with more freeform styles for the Forgotten Empire campaign. 

Cole Angelo (Props and Costumes): In charge of all things design and sewing, Cole has been LARPing for six years and making her own costuming for longer than that. She has helped run other LARPs for four years and been involved in numerous other games as well. Her love of Star Wars started as a child through her dad's obsession with the movies.


Frank Willig (Logistics/ Character Database): A biologist by training and an avid Star Wars fan, Frank Willig has been roleplaying and LARPing since 2011, primarily at the Alliance and Doomsday LARPs in Pennsylvania. Writing credits include Alliance HQ, and rules refiner for Forgotten Empire. 

Scott Babcock (Food Committee/ Weapons Marshal): Scott has been LARPing since 2006 and has helped a few Alliance chapters as Assistant Head of Logistics, Head of Props, and Head of Rules. Most prop projects are usually figuring out better, lighter, safer, or cool looking boffer weapons.

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