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What to Expect at One of Our Events

New to LARP? Not sure what to expect? Hopefully we can answer some of those questions here and prepare you for your first event with us!

Acting & Drama Classes
Registration and Check In 

Advanced registration is available online. Once you arrive on site you'll find the check in desk. There you can confirm your NPC shift, pick up your character card, and confirm your camp clean up. We will answer any questions you have and help you get settled into the camp. This is where we will also do safety checks on props and foam weapons.  

Singing & Dance
Game On!

Game on will be called after Opening Ceremonies, where any weekend specific topics will be discussed. Players can then finish getting into costume and get ready for the start of game. Game runs from Game On Friday night until 8 am Sunday. 

While the game is on, players play their characters and maintain the persona they have created for the game. They are free to interact with the world however they see fit within the confines of the rules. Investigate disturbances, help defend the Colony, or explore the mysteries of a long forgotten world. The possibilities are endless.

NPC Shift 

Everyone (unless opt out was purchased and availability of opt out is limited) does a 4 hour shift as an NPC (non agency gameplay). During your NPC shift you'll help out your fellow players by helping the staff. NPCs portray the various elements of the game world not represented by the players. NPC characters are under the direction of the directorial staff and will have specific goals set based on the needs of the event. Merchants, farmers, maniacal robots, marauding bandits, and everything in between. Whether you enjoy combat or roleplay there are always plenty of jobs to do during your shift. Once your shift is over you can head back into game as your character. We encourage everyone to take advantage of their NPC shift as a way to help ensure a fun game for their friends, just like they will do for you during their shift. It is also a great time to explore aspects of the game you may not regularly participate in as your character. 

Closing and Clean Up

Game ends at 8 am Sunday. We hold a quick closing announcements and then split into groups to do our assigned camp cleanup tasks. This includes your cabin. We always want to leave the camps we use cleaner then when we arrived. Once our cleaning is done and you're signed off then its time to say goodbye until the next event. Be sure to share your favorite moments on Facebook and we look forward to seeing you again.  

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